Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Created a monster..

So, it looks like I will be spending the remainder of my future paychecks on re-doing my bedroom at home.  It started with the gallery wall, which led to an obvious change in my paint color, which led to obvious different accent pillows, and suddenly my whole room is getting redone.  You know what, I love DIY projects, and I love keeping yall updated, so here goes!

This is the plan.
In the following weeks I want to do the following things:
1. Repaint my room.  I am thinking a calm and neutral blue color (like the one in the olioboard below)
2. Paint a different stencil for my accent wall. I think the colors I have now clash a little because they are so bright.  Paint colors always dry more intense than you think, so I want to go really light this time on both of the colors. 
3. Change up my accent pillows. I went through a phase where I wanted everything to be really matchy-matchy.  Which is funny, because I HATE that now.  Before, EVERYTHING in my room was one of 3 colors: white, black, or blue.  I am definite need of some color and pattern in my room that is subtle. 
4. Design a gallery wall. Being an artist myself, I love being able to personalize my room.  I have prints that I got in various places, and small wall decor items that I have spread around my room randomly.  I would love to get all of those things together to make one big Jena inspired wall.
5. Get new knobs for my existing furniture.  My furniture was bought during my desperate attempt to become sophisticated in high school, so therefore it's black.  I actually really like it because its different, but I think that some new glass knobs would make it more chic.  Right now, my furniture is a little too modern. 
6.  DIY an armchair.  I am constantly  throwing my clothes over the back of my existing Wal-Mart $15 markdown fold out saucer chair, and for good reason because its hideous.  I would love to find an inexpensive upholstered chair and recover it with some new fabric and a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe then I will be less inclined to have a messy room!

Here is what I have invisioned for my future room (and I will be sure to keep yall updated with before and after pictures)!

Stay tuned!

New DIY: Gallery Wall

My room at home feels very thrown together.  I went through different phases throughout high school and random college summers, so there are about 4 different directions going on in my space.  I will post pictures once I get home from the furry cubicle prison, but right now I want to show yall some inspiration I found for one wall in my room. 

These gallery walls have been EVERYWHERE recently, and I LOVE that you can get creative with them.  It is one fad that you can really personalize.  Here are some things I am drawing from for inspiration:

I will definitely keep yall updated on my advances! I have a feeling I will have some good before and after pictures of my whole room by the end of this summer!

Good mornin!

I've been busy busy busy this past week with work and random family things, so here's a little update!

FRIDAY: I went up to Myrtle Beach to visit my roommate, Lindsay, for her 21st Birthday celebration.  She was the last of our friends to step over into the legal side of life, so I had to make a little trip up there.  Our other good friend, Dana, came up from Flotown too.  Lindsay is interning at the Ripken Experience in MB for the summer, and absolutely lovin it, so we got to meet all of her intern family!

My friends and I have always referred to MB as the Dirty Myrtle, and there is a very good reason for that.  We decided to go to Broadway on the Beach that night to celebrate, and boy lemme tell you.  I have never seen such top knotch people watching material in my life.  These people were crazy!  Plus, we had to pay a whoppin 10 bucks to get into a bar, so that meant we stayed at the same one the entire time.  It was more like a club than anything else, very "rape cave"-ish as we described it.  Strobe lights, smoke, neon glow sticks, the whole 9.  Not really our style, but we had fun!

SATURDAY: I woke up in the Dirty Myrtle and went shopping in some awesome outlets with the girls.  Gotta love Forever 21! Then I headed back home to meet Cameron so that we could use the free Cinebarre tickets that he got.  Cinebarre is a movie theater with a little twist.  They serve food and spirits either at the bar in the lobby, or in the actual theater!  We went to the one in Mount Pleasant and had a really good time.  Watching Cars 2 and drinking a beer always makes for a fun night. 

SUNDAY: We went to church and then headed over to my Aunt Cathy's house to eat for my Papaw's birthday and belated Father's Day celebration.  It's always good to see our family.  They are crazy, but we love them! Then, Cameron and I went to Sullivan's Island with my parents.  They walked down the beach, while Cameron attempted to shark fish.  He actually had one on the line up to the very end, but he broke off and swam away.   Kinda creepy knowing that sharks are swimming around that close to shore.  Gives me the heeby jeebies!

MONDAY: Involved working and therefore was unimportant.

Last night, the fam (Me, Cameron, my sister Lauren, her fiance Bo, my dad and mom) went down to Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant and listened to David Nail play at Party in the Park.  It was a free concert that they put on outside right underneath the Ravenel Bridge.  I love doing things like that, when it makes me feel really part of my town.  Charleston is an awesome place to live. 

Happy Wednesday yall!

Friday, June 24, 2011

daily inspiration

I heard these lyrics by Needtobreathe on the radio this morning, and I love them! Totally what I need to hear on my tough days, and even my goods ones!

P.S. ya'll, I am now on Etsy! Check out my Etsy!

Due to time constraints, it's all moving a little slowly. BUT, I plan to have the whole thing up and running in tip top shape once I get some more items to put up. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some fresh air for ya!

This past weekend, my boyfriend, Cameron, and I drove up to Lake Keowee in upstate SC to camp with his family for the weekend.  He and I have been dating for about 8 months now, so I have gotten really close and comfortable with his family.  We get along really well, and I always have a good time with them.  I, of course, forgot to bring my camera on our little adventure, so please excuse the iPhone pics.
First and foremost, this is my boyfriend, Cameron. He's wearing my frat-tastic sunglasses, because as you can probably tell, they aren't really his style.

This was the view from our campsite.  Anyone that knows me can tell you that I honestly love the lake way more than the beach, so needless to say, I was smitten.

This is Cameron's baby niece, Ansley.  His mom, her mom, and I were playing Sorry while it was raining.  Although, it was short-lived because Ansley liked picking up and playing with all the different colored pieces on the board.

Ansley's mom, Whitney, had bought her some sparklers, but you can see who ended up playing with them.

Cameron lovessss to fish, so it's not rare that I look around and can only find him near some water. We thought this picture was too funny because that little bitty fish tried to bite his grasshopper lure that was about the size of him.  Ambitious little guy, huh?

Anyways, more to come soon! I think I may have some very exciting news!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cowgirl up!

In my state of sheer and utter boredom (and my paycheck burning a wide hole in my pocket), I decided to shop around for some cute gameday cowgirl boots.  Of course,  I stumbled across some designer ones that no one in their right mind (other than Tswift) could afford them.

In light of my blue collar, I decided to post pictures of some of my favorite ones.  Just so that I can come back and daydream about actually owning a pair.  I swear, these boots are my weakness.

             Dan Post - Rose                                                        Dan Post - Blue Birds

I love funky shapes and colors on cowboy boots.  I love that they have character! How cute would these be with a simple sun dress?

The following boots by Lane Boots are my absolute favorite.  They design only women's cowGIRL boots, and I drool over their styles! Here are some of my favorites:

(a small picture didn't do them justice)
Perfect for game day!


These are so ridiculous, they should be on display on my mantel. Talk about the perfect gameday boots.  Too bad they cost an arm and a leg, literally. In fact, Tswift frequents this store. Guess that ain't happenin.  A girl can dream though.

Back to some that I can actually afford.  I am thinking about getting myself a pair of Tony Lamas (Jason Aldean would be proud).  Here's the ones that I really want (their favorited on my browser):

I already have a pair of brown cowboy boots, so that's why most of these are colorful.  I really want some gameday ones to spice up my senior football season! Ill keep yall posted on which ones I end up getting and put together a little gameday outfit for the full effect.  Stay tuned! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One more

One more original for your viewing pleasure:

Obviously, I love this one (GO TIGERS!) But, if someone would like one with their biggest rival, I will be more than happy!  Should I sell these suckers on Etsy?

New originals!

I know I have been promising to put up some of the new stuff I've been working on, so here we go! Lauren asked me to do some boards for her with song quotes on them.  In the example she showed me, they took a regular piece of plywood and stained it and then just handpainted song lyrics with white paint.  I thought it was cool, but I really wanted color (of course).  So, I tried to do a sort of white wash effect with some poplar boards (very Tom Sawyer).  All I did was mix some water in with acrylic paint and brush it over the wood board with a sponge brush.  After I let it dry for a little bit, I wiped off the excess so that you could still see the wood grain. 

Heres the result:

I have so many ideas for more things that I want to do, so if you like these, stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goin to the chapel..

So, yall might have heard me talk about the fact that my big sister, Lauren, is getting married in December.  We have been having so much fun planning her wedding, and I think its going to be beautiful!  We are a lot alike in that we both want our weddings to be a reflection of our personalities. 

The purple color "majestic" is what she picked out for the bridesmaid's dresses and accents.  I think it would be so pretty to mix in small hints of something like this green color too! Maybe just in the stems of the flowers and some small accents. 

I started looking around on Etsy and found some really cool things for weddings that I love!

I love the idea of the round artificial flowers for a bouquet, or for the flower girl.  I love the fact that you can keep your bouquet forever as a reminder of your special day!
Lauren and I talked about giving bags filled with special Christmas popcorns for her wedding favors.  I thought these little personalized bags were perfect!

Obviously, there will be tears (of happiness!) on your wedding day.  This is a great idea for something borrowed, like using your mothers hankerchief, or something new with your new initials on it!
I have seen these around a lot lately, and they are a easy and fun DIY project where you get to use your new last name! If you'd rather just buy one, you can find them here:

These precious wooden cake toppers are personalized to look just like you and the groom!

These can be used to spice up your wedding pictures! How cute would it be to get creative with these when you and your fiance are all dolled up!

This vase is carved out of wood and can be customized with your new initial! I LOVE these! Especially for the casual country wedding that I dream of.
found here
These bins can be customized with whatever saying you want. I love the idea of putting your new last name on them and using them at your reception for beer and wine!

Lauren and I talked a lot about using mason jars in the center pieces as vases and candle holders, so these invitations really jumped out at me.  I think they would be great for an engagement cook out or rehearsal dinner invite!

I had to do it, because I KNOW I will have a garder like this.  Since my sister and I are both Clemson grads/students, this is a MUST!

Ill be sure to keep yall updated on the wedding plans! Stay tuned

Monday, June 13, 2011

Keepin my promise!

I told yall that I would post pictures of some of the newest stuff I have done, so here we go! Both of these have been gifts, but I got my inspiration from a really cool place in Summerville, SC called Bottles n Brushes.  Its a quaint little studio where they allow people to sign up for certain night classes to learn how to paint a local original! They have calendars on their website with all the different pieces so that you can pick your favorite.  PLUS, you get to bring your own wine or beer, or you can buy it there! I totally recommend going if you get a chance. They also have a location in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Anyways, here's my little renditions:

This was my (early) Father's Day gift to my Dad! He has a thing for red birds, so I think he like it! 

This is my sister, Lauren, my mom, Christie, and me at Bottles n Brushes in Summerville! SO much fun! 

This was also inspired by Bottles n Brushes, which I painted for my boyfriend, Cameron.  He loves to fish, so it was perfect for him! 

I have been working a lot on getting started with my new vision. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and paint lately.  All the more to look forward too people! 

My solution for a case of the Mondays.

I really hate it when people say they have a case of the Mondays, but I am saying it anyways.  I had a great weekend (with pictures to follow since I am on my work computer), and therefore I am miserable at work.

My older sister is getting married in December, and just put down an offer with her fiance on a cute little townhouse in our hometown.  Of course, I showed her Olioboard, and she's been going crazy planning their new house.  We got on the topic of kitchens the other day, and I mentioned how much I loved it when people painted their cabinets a fun color to brighten up their kitchen.  Yall know I am all about the color!

So here's some inspiration I found while trying to escape this gray furry cubicle prison I am experiencing.

I think the brighter, the better! I really like the idea of mixing it up some (if you really want something funky) by using multiple colors! Like this:

Now, if only my mom would let me paint her cabinets. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day dreamin

My friend Fletcher showed me a site called Olioboard where you can put together inspiration boards for rooms! The site is awesome, and everything that you pick out to put in your room comes with a link to purchase them if need be. 

My boyfriend and I always joke around that if we ever got married, he would put a giant deer head above our fireplace (he loves to hunt).  I basically tell him over my dead body, and that if we did ever end up getting married, he can have a man cave.  A room that is completely devoted to his dead animals and video games, where I can shut the door.  Of course, I will not allow old dirty couches from college and cheeto bags on the floor, so I got creative:

This totally opened a can of worms, and I started designing all kinds of rooms for my future house (where apparently I am going to have millions of dollars and be able to afford all these pretty things). Just kidding, you totally can put together an inspiration board like these just to get a feel for what you want in a room, and then find the cheap version! Hello TJMaxx and Marshall's Home Goods.

I spent hours at work messing around on this site today.  I love when things don't match, but they do. Know what I'm sayin? Anyways, I started painting some more last night, and I have lots to show yall!

Find me on My olioboard


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just a little pictorial snack of my favorite things:

I love it when you can have fun with the things you put in your house.  Of course, being Southern, I don't mind some personalization every now and then.
These lighted letter would be so cute in a child or teenager's room, maybe even a game room!

I am big on having a lot of personality in my rooms.  I want my house to feel like a home, not a place filled with expensive unneccessaries where everyone feels like they can't touch anything.

You can find all of these precious commodities at my favorite gift shop and boutique in Clemson, SC: Razzberry Fizz They even have an in-house monogrammer for all of your personalization needs!

Let's talk accent walls..

If you didn't notice my previous post, then it hasn't come to your attention that I have a thing for accent walls.  I love that it can really open up a dreary or smaller room.  Plus, there are SO many directions you can go in! Plus plus, you can do it yourself! No really, you can. Here's some ideas to get your brain juices flowin.

If its not obvious yet, I'm a fan of bright colors. Putting some simple crown molding in a basic frame around your accent wall can add some architectural eye candy to your room.  BUT, if that doesn't suit your fancy, you could do something like this:

This came from a design blog (link above) that has some of the coolest accent wall ideas!  When I eventually settle down and have me some chillins, how cool would this wall be?

I love the idea of patterns on an accent wall (you can see my room at home in the previous post).  This is so easy to do yourself, and it comes out looking fabulous!