Friday, June 17, 2011

Cowgirl up!

In my state of sheer and utter boredom (and my paycheck burning a wide hole in my pocket), I decided to shop around for some cute gameday cowgirl boots.  Of course,  I stumbled across some designer ones that no one in their right mind (other than Tswift) could afford them.

In light of my blue collar, I decided to post pictures of some of my favorite ones.  Just so that I can come back and daydream about actually owning a pair.  I swear, these boots are my weakness.

             Dan Post - Rose                                                        Dan Post - Blue Birds

I love funky shapes and colors on cowboy boots.  I love that they have character! How cute would these be with a simple sun dress?

The following boots by Lane Boots are my absolute favorite.  They design only women's cowGIRL boots, and I drool over their styles! Here are some of my favorites:

(a small picture didn't do them justice)
Perfect for game day!


These are so ridiculous, they should be on display on my mantel. Talk about the perfect gameday boots.  Too bad they cost an arm and a leg, literally. In fact, Tswift frequents this store. Guess that ain't happenin.  A girl can dream though.

Back to some that I can actually afford.  I am thinking about getting myself a pair of Tony Lamas (Jason Aldean would be proud).  Here's the ones that I really want (their favorited on my browser):

I already have a pair of brown cowboy boots, so that's why most of these are colorful.  I really want some gameday ones to spice up my senior football season! Ill keep yall posted on which ones I end up getting and put together a little gameday outfit for the full effect.  Stay tuned! 


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