Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Created a monster..

So, it looks like I will be spending the remainder of my future paychecks on re-doing my bedroom at home.  It started with the gallery wall, which led to an obvious change in my paint color, which led to obvious different accent pillows, and suddenly my whole room is getting redone.  You know what, I love DIY projects, and I love keeping yall updated, so here goes!

This is the plan.
In the following weeks I want to do the following things:
1. Repaint my room.  I am thinking a calm and neutral blue color (like the one in the olioboard below)
2. Paint a different stencil for my accent wall. I think the colors I have now clash a little because they are so bright.  Paint colors always dry more intense than you think, so I want to go really light this time on both of the colors. 
3. Change up my accent pillows. I went through a phase where I wanted everything to be really matchy-matchy.  Which is funny, because I HATE that now.  Before, EVERYTHING in my room was one of 3 colors: white, black, or blue.  I am definite need of some color and pattern in my room that is subtle. 
4. Design a gallery wall. Being an artist myself, I love being able to personalize my room.  I have prints that I got in various places, and small wall decor items that I have spread around my room randomly.  I would love to get all of those things together to make one big Jena inspired wall.
5. Get new knobs for my existing furniture.  My furniture was bought during my desperate attempt to become sophisticated in high school, so therefore it's black.  I actually really like it because its different, but I think that some new glass knobs would make it more chic.  Right now, my furniture is a little too modern. 
6.  DIY an armchair.  I am constantly  throwing my clothes over the back of my existing Wal-Mart $15 markdown fold out saucer chair, and for good reason because its hideous.  I would love to find an inexpensive upholstered chair and recover it with some new fabric and a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe then I will be less inclined to have a messy room!

Here is what I have invisioned for my future room (and I will be sure to keep yall updated with before and after pictures)!

Stay tuned!


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