Friday, June 10, 2011

Day dreamin

My friend Fletcher showed me a site called Olioboard where you can put together inspiration boards for rooms! The site is awesome, and everything that you pick out to put in your room comes with a link to purchase them if need be. 

My boyfriend and I always joke around that if we ever got married, he would put a giant deer head above our fireplace (he loves to hunt).  I basically tell him over my dead body, and that if we did ever end up getting married, he can have a man cave.  A room that is completely devoted to his dead animals and video games, where I can shut the door.  Of course, I will not allow old dirty couches from college and cheeto bags on the floor, so I got creative:

This totally opened a can of worms, and I started designing all kinds of rooms for my future house (where apparently I am going to have millions of dollars and be able to afford all these pretty things). Just kidding, you totally can put together an inspiration board like these just to get a feel for what you want in a room, and then find the cheap version! Hello TJMaxx and Marshall's Home Goods.

I spent hours at work messing around on this site today.  I love when things don't match, but they do. Know what I'm sayin? Anyways, I started painting some more last night, and I have lots to show yall!

Find me on My olioboard



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