Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goin to the chapel..

So, yall might have heard me talk about the fact that my big sister, Lauren, is getting married in December.  We have been having so much fun planning her wedding, and I think its going to be beautiful!  We are a lot alike in that we both want our weddings to be a reflection of our personalities. 

The purple color "majestic" is what she picked out for the bridesmaid's dresses and accents.  I think it would be so pretty to mix in small hints of something like this green color too! Maybe just in the stems of the flowers and some small accents. 

I started looking around on Etsy and found some really cool things for weddings that I love!

I love the idea of the round artificial flowers for a bouquet, or for the flower girl.  I love the fact that you can keep your bouquet forever as a reminder of your special day!
Lauren and I talked about giving bags filled with special Christmas popcorns for her wedding favors.  I thought these little personalized bags were perfect!

Obviously, there will be tears (of happiness!) on your wedding day.  This is a great idea for something borrowed, like using your mothers hankerchief, or something new with your new initials on it!
I have seen these around a lot lately, and they are a easy and fun DIY project where you get to use your new last name! If you'd rather just buy one, you can find them here:

These precious wooden cake toppers are personalized to look just like you and the groom!

These can be used to spice up your wedding pictures! How cute would it be to get creative with these when you and your fiance are all dolled up!

This vase is carved out of wood and can be customized with your new initial! I LOVE these! Especially for the casual country wedding that I dream of.
found here
These bins can be customized with whatever saying you want. I love the idea of putting your new last name on them and using them at your reception for beer and wine!

Lauren and I talked a lot about using mason jars in the center pieces as vases and candle holders, so these invitations really jumped out at me.  I think they would be great for an engagement cook out or rehearsal dinner invite!

I had to do it, because I KNOW I will have a garder like this.  Since my sister and I are both Clemson grads/students, this is a MUST!

Ill be sure to keep yall updated on the wedding plans! Stay tuned

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of these things! I really want to get the little mini-me cake toppers...then I want to put them in a shadow box to display. Unless that is too weird. Haha. AND I have to have one of those garters.


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