Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good mornin!

I've been busy busy busy this past week with work and random family things, so here's a little update!

FRIDAY: I went up to Myrtle Beach to visit my roommate, Lindsay, for her 21st Birthday celebration.  She was the last of our friends to step over into the legal side of life, so I had to make a little trip up there.  Our other good friend, Dana, came up from Flotown too.  Lindsay is interning at the Ripken Experience in MB for the summer, and absolutely lovin it, so we got to meet all of her intern family!

My friends and I have always referred to MB as the Dirty Myrtle, and there is a very good reason for that.  We decided to go to Broadway on the Beach that night to celebrate, and boy lemme tell you.  I have never seen such top knotch people watching material in my life.  These people were crazy!  Plus, we had to pay a whoppin 10 bucks to get into a bar, so that meant we stayed at the same one the entire time.  It was more like a club than anything else, very "rape cave"-ish as we described it.  Strobe lights, smoke, neon glow sticks, the whole 9.  Not really our style, but we had fun!

SATURDAY: I woke up in the Dirty Myrtle and went shopping in some awesome outlets with the girls.  Gotta love Forever 21! Then I headed back home to meet Cameron so that we could use the free Cinebarre tickets that he got.  Cinebarre is a movie theater with a little twist.  They serve food and spirits either at the bar in the lobby, or in the actual theater!  We went to the one in Mount Pleasant and had a really good time.  Watching Cars 2 and drinking a beer always makes for a fun night. 

SUNDAY: We went to church and then headed over to my Aunt Cathy's house to eat for my Papaw's birthday and belated Father's Day celebration.  It's always good to see our family.  They are crazy, but we love them! Then, Cameron and I went to Sullivan's Island with my parents.  They walked down the beach, while Cameron attempted to shark fish.  He actually had one on the line up to the very end, but he broke off and swam away.   Kinda creepy knowing that sharks are swimming around that close to shore.  Gives me the heeby jeebies!

MONDAY: Involved working and therefore was unimportant.

Last night, the fam (Me, Cameron, my sister Lauren, her fiance Bo, my dad and mom) went down to Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant and listened to David Nail play at Party in the Park.  It was a free concert that they put on outside right underneath the Ravenel Bridge.  I love doing things like that, when it makes me feel really part of my town.  Charleston is an awesome place to live. 

Happy Wednesday yall!


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