Thursday, June 9, 2011


Just a little pictorial snack of my favorite things:

I love it when you can have fun with the things you put in your house.  Of course, being Southern, I don't mind some personalization every now and then.
These lighted letter would be so cute in a child or teenager's room, maybe even a game room!

I am big on having a lot of personality in my rooms.  I want my house to feel like a home, not a place filled with expensive unneccessaries where everyone feels like they can't touch anything.

You can find all of these precious commodities at my favorite gift shop and boutique in Clemson, SC: Razzberry Fizz They even have an in-house monogrammer for all of your personalization needs!

Let's talk accent walls..

If you didn't notice my previous post, then it hasn't come to your attention that I have a thing for accent walls.  I love that it can really open up a dreary or smaller room.  Plus, there are SO many directions you can go in! Plus plus, you can do it yourself! No really, you can. Here's some ideas to get your brain juices flowin.

If its not obvious yet, I'm a fan of bright colors. Putting some simple crown molding in a basic frame around your accent wall can add some architectural eye candy to your room.  BUT, if that doesn't suit your fancy, you could do something like this:

This came from a design blog (link above) that has some of the coolest accent wall ideas!  When I eventually settle down and have me some chillins, how cool would this wall be?

I love the idea of patterns on an accent wall (you can see my room at home in the previous post).  This is so easy to do yourself, and it comes out looking fabulous!


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