Monday, June 13, 2011

Keepin my promise!

I told yall that I would post pictures of some of the newest stuff I have done, so here we go! Both of these have been gifts, but I got my inspiration from a really cool place in Summerville, SC called Bottles n Brushes.  Its a quaint little studio where they allow people to sign up for certain night classes to learn how to paint a local original! They have calendars on their website with all the different pieces so that you can pick your favorite.  PLUS, you get to bring your own wine or beer, or you can buy it there! I totally recommend going if you get a chance. They also have a location in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Anyways, here's my little renditions:

This was my (early) Father's Day gift to my Dad! He has a thing for red birds, so I think he like it! 

This is my sister, Lauren, my mom, Christie, and me at Bottles n Brushes in Summerville! SO much fun! 

This was also inspired by Bottles n Brushes, which I painted for my boyfriend, Cameron.  He loves to fish, so it was perfect for him! 

I have been working a lot on getting started with my new vision. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and paint lately.  All the more to look forward too people! 


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