Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom makeover progress!

So I was searching through Benjamin Moore's website looking for colors for my newest project (which I will go into detail about more later), when I decided to look around for paint colors for my bedroom update.  I decided to go with a really subtle, cool, blue-gray. 

I am wanting a little more blue in my color (kind of like the second picture above).  I think this one is closest to what I am looking for:

The website automatically gives you colors that compliment the one you chose, which brought up this next color:

Suddenly, it all made sense!  I had been having a SERIOUS pillow debate.  I mean going into multiple stores and holding one tightly in my hand the entire time I walked around, all to decide at the end that I couldn't commit.

So, I went to Etsy and typed in "purple throw pillow".  Like a little beacon of hope, these babies showed up. 

Be still my heart.  I absolutely LOVE these pillows.  They are everything I wanted and more! Multiple pops of color so that I can incorporate more than a monochromatic color scheme into my room, plus they were relatively inexpensive, PLUS they have the blue gray color that I dream about! Needless to say, the pillow debate is over, and these puppies are on the way to my house. 


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