Tuesday, July 26, 2011

weekend recap

Friday night, my boyfriend and I headed up to Greenville to visit with his family and for him to take his concealed weapons certification class.  We headed over to his family friend's house to practice shooting with the gun he was going to use.  I made sure he let me shoot it some when he got done.  His Dad says I shoot better than he does :)

On Sunday, Cameron, his family and I drove up to North Carolina to spend the day at Sliding Rock.  On the way up there, we stopped and walked around Caesar's Head.  It was such an amazing view.  You can see Table Rock (which Cameron and I hiked one day this winter) from the top. 

Then, Cameron and I went to see Harry Potter in the IMAX theater in Simpsonville.  That screen was HUGE (7 stories).  And we got to wear these sweet 3D glasses.  The movie was amazing, please go see it!

Last but not least, Monday afternoon, Cameron and I went to lunch and walked around his local shopping center.  There is a store called Swoozie's in his shopping center that I absolutely fell in love with!  They have tons of stuff to monogram and lots of other adorable Southern gift ideas.  I could have spent hours in there, but I found these:

They are called Redneck wine glasses, for obvious reasons.  All they did was fire a Mason jar to a handle, and made the cutest wine goblets!  I LOVE them, and you can sure bet I will be purchasing some. 

Happy Tuesday ya'll :)


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