Monday, October 3, 2011

road trip!

Cameron and I planned a little road trip to Gatlinburg, TN this past weekend to celebrate our 1st anniversary.  We rented a little cabin about 3 miles from downtown Gatlinburg and planned to walk around and shop, sight-see, and eat out.  Despite a few little hiccups along the way (the hot tub didn't work, no hot water, and the car broke down on Sunday), we had a really good time!

This was the view from our little cabin.  Unfortunately, the leaves hadn't fallen yet. But you can see how beautiful the Smokey Mountains are! 

This is the front door of our cabin.  It was a lot nicer on the inside I promise, but you have to remember, we were on college kid budgets haha

Cameron looking super stoked to be there.

The hot tub that was luke-warm at best.

My father's economically and gas-wise frugal vehicle that broke down on us Sunday afternoon. 

We spent all day Saturday shopping around.  Most of that day was spent in Bass Pro Shops (Cameron's all-time favorite store).  Then we went to some of the outlets in town, and came home for a quick power nap and luke warm hot tub time.  Then we got ready and headed to a restaurant and brewery in downtown Gatlinburg, called Smokey Mountain Brewery.  They had awesome pizzas and hogies.  We begged them to sit next to a T.V. and watched the Clemson Tigers pull in another win against Virginia Tech (5-0!!).  We are now ranked #8 in the polls. Go Tigers! 
Then we walked around downtown Gatlinburg (mostly to people watch).  Towards the end of the night, we accidentally stumbled into a newer part of downtown Gatlinburg.  Back in a little corner, they just built a new area with our 2 new favorite places: Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine Holler and Bootleggers Homemade Wine.  They were having FREE moonshine and wine tastings, so Cameron and I obviously took advantage.  

The first moonshine sample was called White Lightning, and was their 100 proof original moonshine.  It tasted like rubbing alcohol, not my favorite. The next was another 100 proof corn version of the white lightning.  It also tasted (and felt) like rubbing alcohol going down.


Then, they let up on me a little bit and gave us cherries soaked in White Lightning, a grape flavor, and a peach flavor.  All of these were around 35 or 40 proof.  My favorite one, however, was the Apple Pie Moonshine.  SO GOOD! Check out their website (above) and seriously, try and visit! We had a great time.  


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