Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend recap

 I actually have 2 weekend updates for yall, since I have been a little M.I.A. lately.  Last weekend, Clemson went head to head with Boston College and pulled out an easy win.  Here are some pictures from tailgating!

My sister Lauren and her fiance Bo came out to tailgate with us! 

Baby Riggs is getting pretty big quick 

This weekend, I came home for my fall break.  Saturday night, Bo's aunts threw him and my sister a wedding shower.  It was so much fun! They had it set up outside, decorated with some southern accents, and fully stocked with barbeque and sweet tea!  They also made their own version of Redneck wineglasses for party favors!  All they did was buy mason jars and dollar candle holders, sand the glass, and glue them together!  You can see one used as a candle holder in this picture.  

The next day, my family, Cameron, and I went out to my uncle's land to shoot skeet.  My little cousin shot skeet for the first time and was a natural!  He hit almost every clay.  It was a good way to wrap up the weekend.  

(Me and my Dad)

Also, Clemson won again Saturday night against Maryland!  We are still undefeated and now 7-0!  Stay tuned for another weekend update, and some craft projects for my sister Lauren's wedding! Have a good week ya'll! 


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