Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday night update

I have been so busy enjoying little Macon that I have not had time to post in a while.  He is getting bigger everyday, literally getting taller right before my eyes.  His long and lean legs are a little too much for him most of the time, so he takes tumbles on a daily basis.  He's quite relentless though.  He gets right up and keeps on truckin.  I took him this week to get his second round of shots in Greenville.  We got done earlier than expected, so I took him to Falls Park to play with the ducks.  He found out real quick that the ducks aren't very scared of little puppy antics, so he retreated from their territory pretty fast.

He's been home to Charleston twice already to visit "Grandmama" and "Granddaddy." Lucy hates his guts.  She's hissed, slapped, and bit Macon periodically.  Mostly, we keep her locked in mom and dad's room so that she can't get to him.  Macon just does not understand why she doesn't want to play, so he keeps coming back for more. Poor little guy.

Cameron and I took him down to the annual South Eastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in downtown Charleston last Saturday.  Everyone just oohed and awed over him, so we didn't really get to enjoy the festival.  We did manage to get over to Brittlebank Park to watch the dock dogs show, which was way cooler than I thought, yet still not worth the $20 admission price.  We entered Macon in the Garden & Gun "Good Dog Photo Contest" at their tent they had set up in Marion Square.  Unfortunately, he didn't win (probably because I had to hold him to get him to sit still), but we got his picture! 

The people were so nice, and they loved Macon.  A blue-tick coonhound ended up winning, and I must admit, he was a beautiful dog.  We will be sure to come back next year and enter him again with some training under his belt. 

Little Macon does some funny things naturally.  Cameron and I catch him watching T.V. with us all the time.  He actually gets involved.  He will bark at parts that he doesn't particularly care for, and wag his tail when pretty ladies come on the screen.  He especially enjoys watching The Bachelor with me:

Cameron says its because that show is full of b#$%@*s. Pretty witty, that boy. 

He also likes to go shopping with us. 

A lot of the time, however, he sleeps.  

Happy Sunday :)


  1. I can see the intelligence in Macon's eyes in your latest photos. He is going to be one smart dog. No wonder everyone who sees him wants to pet him.

  2. He's getting so BIG! Already...bring him home so his aunt can see him before he's all grown :)


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