Sunday, April 29, 2012

recent rundown

  1. I got the perfect graduation dress, and though it was a little over my budget, it fits like a glove and makes me happy. (Mine is turquoise) 

2.    Cameron and I went to see The Five-Year Engagement.  It was the perfect little rom-com with just enough funny, just enough love, and a little too much of the F bomb.  
3.    I finished The Hunger Games trilogy.  Call me a nerd, but I cannot resist a good trilogy.  Plus, I have this thing about not seeing a movie until I read the books.  I did this with all the Harry Potters and Twilight books, so the rule could not be broken. 

4.     I got in contact with an interior designer in Charleston looking to hire on an assistant for a huge 30-house contract.  She asked for my resume, so fingers crossed! 

5.   I found a new GIF tumblr: #wheninclemson Ohhhh yeahhhh. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIFs or WTFs?

Apparently there is this new college student phenomenon that is just blowing up my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It is literally a bunch of Tumblr accounts that have little flash picture clips with funny captions.  That's it.  And I have to admit, it has caught on.  Some of them are absolutely hilarious.  

But I must admit, as part of the seemingly hardworking blogger community that really puts time and effort into their posts (obv.), I am a little offended.  Regardless, I will continue to use these sites as reasons to procrastinate.  

Here's a run down of the most popular ones thus far: 

This seems to be the original, so props to you anonymous social media genius.  And boo to all the knock offs I am about to show. 

(?) Anywho...

That last one is particularly hilarious.  I guess college students will do just about anything to procrastinate.  Thank you, fellow college lazy ones, for giving me something to do tonight... other than my research paper due tomorrow. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cue the Vitamin C one hit wonder

Well folks, I am graduating from college in 2 weeks. I would try to explain how that feels, but I really have no idea. I am so happy to burn every text book I ever owned, but so sad to leave the place and people I have called home for the past 4 years.  I decided it would be a good time to reflect on my last 4 years in the best place on earth.  Vitamin C is here for effect. 

These are the first 2 pictures I ever took as a freshman at Clemson University.  Can you see the discomfort in my facial expression?  I was terrified. Plus, what the heck was I thinking with that hair? 

Little did I know, Ashley (my freshman roommate) would become one of my best friends and probably be in my wedding one day.  I made a ton of other great friends that year too! 

Then came sophomore year.  I moved in with one of my best friends from freshman year, Claire.  

And I dyed my hair blonde.  Glad I got out of that phase. 

Then I dyed it dark brown.  Holy extremities. 

I made some more new friends that year!  Lindsay (future roomie) and Daneeee (Dana) 

That same year, Lauren started dating Bo, my future brother-in-law

Claire eventually moved back to Texas, and I moved in with Lindsay and another new friend, Fletcher.

Who introduced me to Cameron.

Who took me fishing and hunting, a lot. 

I turned 21, finally. 

And got my infamous TTT t-shirt! 

Then it was my senior year.  Cameron was co-oping in Charleston, but we saw each other every weekend for our last football season as students. 

I got together with old friends

And went to Gatlinburg for the weekend! 

And my sister got married!

Then we got our little man.

And went on a cruise to the Caribbean. 

Now, here I am, putting off final projects.. updating my blog and reading the hunger games trilogy.  It is so hard to believe that these 4 years have gone by so fast.  And all this was just the half of it! Sheesh, I feel old.