Friday, April 20, 2012

Cue the Vitamin C one hit wonder

Well folks, I am graduating from college in 2 weeks. I would try to explain how that feels, but I really have no idea. I am so happy to burn every text book I ever owned, but so sad to leave the place and people I have called home for the past 4 years.  I decided it would be a good time to reflect on my last 4 years in the best place on earth.  Vitamin C is here for effect. 

These are the first 2 pictures I ever took as a freshman at Clemson University.  Can you see the discomfort in my facial expression?  I was terrified. Plus, what the heck was I thinking with that hair? 

Little did I know, Ashley (my freshman roommate) would become one of my best friends and probably be in my wedding one day.  I made a ton of other great friends that year too! 

Then came sophomore year.  I moved in with one of my best friends from freshman year, Claire.  

And I dyed my hair blonde.  Glad I got out of that phase. 

Then I dyed it dark brown.  Holy extremities. 

I made some more new friends that year!  Lindsay (future roomie) and Daneeee (Dana) 

That same year, Lauren started dating Bo, my future brother-in-law

Claire eventually moved back to Texas, and I moved in with Lindsay and another new friend, Fletcher.

Who introduced me to Cameron.

Who took me fishing and hunting, a lot. 

I turned 21, finally. 

And got my infamous TTT t-shirt! 

Then it was my senior year.  Cameron was co-oping in Charleston, but we saw each other every weekend for our last football season as students. 

I got together with old friends

And went to Gatlinburg for the weekend! 

And my sister got married!

Then we got our little man.

And went on a cruise to the Caribbean. 

Now, here I am, putting off final projects.. updating my blog and reading the hunger games trilogy.  It is so hard to believe that these 4 years have gone by so fast.  And all this was just the half of it! Sheesh, I feel old. 

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  1. Man, are we old.

    I was hoping you'd say something about receiving a Hunger Games Trilogy. Sweet!


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