Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIFs or WTFs?

Apparently there is this new college student phenomenon that is just blowing up my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  It is literally a bunch of Tumblr accounts that have little flash picture clips with funny captions.  That's it.  And I have to admit, it has caught on.  Some of them are absolutely hilarious.  

But I must admit, as part of the seemingly hardworking blogger community that really puts time and effort into their posts (obv.), I am a little offended.  Regardless, I will continue to use these sites as reasons to procrastinate.  

Here's a run down of the most popular ones thus far: 

This seems to be the original, so props to you anonymous social media genius.  And boo to all the knock offs I am about to show. 

(?) Anywho...

That last one is particularly hilarious.  I guess college students will do just about anything to procrastinate.  Thank you, fellow college lazy ones, for giving me something to do tonight... other than my research paper due tomorrow. 


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