Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love April

I love April for multiple reasons.  
1. It's spring time and therefore hot enough to wear a bathing suit and put my toes in the water.
2. Cam's birthday is April 6th and I have fun planning his birthday events even though he hates attention.
3. My birthday is a week after that, April 14 (I'll be 22 this year!)
4. I friggin love Easter. Maybe it's the fact that I can finally break out my white pants and bright tops, or maybe its Jesus.  Either way, it's a beautiful thing. 

Another cool thing about this April in particular is that I am one month closer to being a college graduate. Holy Moses.  May 11th (God willing), I will be walking across the stage in Littlejohn Coliseum to shake President Barker's hand.  Am I excited about this? Yes. Am I absolutely terrified? You betcha. 

So, to lighten up the fact that I am about to graduate and face the impending doom of looking for a job and eventually quitting and becoming a waitress, I decided to look for pretty dresses that I can't afford for this special event. 

Let me explain to you why I hate Lilly Pulitzer.  (I don't know why lists are my thing tonight) 
1. The dresses are all sickeningly cute and adorable and precious and would make me much happier on graduation day, but so incredibly expensive that they make me feel poor. 
2. They have special patterns for sororities.  Are you kidding me? I know I am being the typical GDI (gosh dern independent) by saying this, but that's about retarded. So if I don't have a Kappa Kappa Whatever membership card, then I can't own a bag with their pattern?  Its not like it has their letters, its just a pattern.  This is why I stick with Vera, because she hasn't gone all stuck-up on me yet. 
3. I'm just plain jealous.

Regardless, here's some of the dresses I drooled over and pinned to my "dream spring wardrobe" board, never to be looked at again because I can't afford a dang thing on there. 

This is absolutely the perfect graduation dress ever created. However, its $238. Drag me through a pile of nails, it would have been less painful. 

This is friggin adorable.  It makes me want to be on a yacht, which would also be too expensive.  I see where Lilly is going with this.  She has the ability to make people spend obscene amounts of money on things. 

I've grown to hate this model.  That B has everything. 

So instead, I'll probably go to Old Navy and get one dress for both Easter and graduation that will probably have a hole in it after the first time I wash it.  The life of a broke college student is a grim one. 


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