Monday, April 2, 2012

march madness

Just thought I would show ya'll what my bracket standing is looking like in light of the National Championship tomorrow night.  The great thing about all this is that I am in a group with 6 other guys I go to school with.  As I was building my bracket with these fellas, I was getting kicks and giggles the entire time because I am such a "silly girl" that knows nothing about sports.  However, I am a girl who knows how to use her resources (I am a PR major after all).  

So, this girl called her daddy and asked him for tips on how to build my bracket.  The boys himed and hawed about how I'm a daddy's girl, and how his advice of looking at the RPI standings wouldn't work.  "Kansas? Are you kidding me? They aren't even going to make it to the final four and you have them winning the whole thing?" 

Here's how its lookin folks:

Ah, sweet victory. Go Kansas! 


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