Sunday, April 29, 2012

recent rundown

  1. I got the perfect graduation dress, and though it was a little over my budget, it fits like a glove and makes me happy. (Mine is turquoise) 

2.    Cameron and I went to see The Five-Year Engagement.  It was the perfect little rom-com with just enough funny, just enough love, and a little too much of the F bomb.  
3.    I finished The Hunger Games trilogy.  Call me a nerd, but I cannot resist a good trilogy.  Plus, I have this thing about not seeing a movie until I read the books.  I did this with all the Harry Potters and Twilight books, so the rule could not be broken. 

4.     I got in contact with an interior designer in Charleston looking to hire on an assistant for a huge 30-house contract.  She asked for my resume, so fingers crossed! 

5.   I found a new GIF tumblr: #wheninclemson Ohhhh yeahhhh. 


  1. haha yeah I'm really excited! Apparently she does luxury homes up and down the coast of Charleston. I havent heard back, but I will definitely learn a lot if she hires me.


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