Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"business casual" on a budget

I don't know if ya'll know, but I'm a magician.  You give me a paycheck, and I'll make it disappear!  Unfortunately, this isn't a good thing.  Right now, I am in the process of interviewing for jobs that I will, wait for it, have to wear clothes for.  I know, shocking right?

Problem is, I barely know what the words "business casual" mean, and the only black pants I own are 2 sizes too small and from the juniors section at Kohl's.  So, I decided it would be a good idea for me to limit my big girl wardrobe purchases to a couple key pieces that I can wear with everything!

big girl "biz cash" wardrobe staples:

1. white pants
but not just any white pants.. skinnies! 

These colored skinnies are cute too! 

2. a blazer
it is so important that this fits right and doesn't look like I am swimming in it
plus, get a color that is versatile (even those these brights are fun!)

3. neutral flats
these are comfortable and can be worn with anything! 
nude colored can be worn with black or brown, silver or gold

Also, a print like leopard has black and brown in it, so it can go with pretty much everything! 

4. universal skirt
it's all the rage these days to have a tight and short skirt in your "going out" wardrobe..
however, we can't have you looking like a skank in the office (#sorrynotsorry)

you can take the skank skirt and put it under a conservative skirt! 
instead of wearing it up to your boobs like you do to go out, 
you can put it down on your waist so that its longer and looser! 

5. statement jewelry
these big chunky necklaces are very popular lately, and I love them! 
also, a big chunky watch can be paired with bangles to dress up any outfit

All of this can be paired with tops you already have in your closet to make a pieced together and trendy "biz cash" look! Now only to get my mom to let me use her card ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

gettin down to the nitty gritty

Well folks, The Bachelorette is coming to an end.  Little Miss Emily has narrowed it down to three young gentlemen that will battle to the death for her heart.  Wee bit dramatic, but these episodes are the highlights of my week most of the time so just bare with me.

Here are the top 3 bachelors:

Arie (or who I have recently named hunky vroom-vroom)
I had this one pegged from the get go.  Go me! 
He drives Indy car, he's dutch, he's sweet, and as Emily puts it, he's "stupid hot"

Their dates have included carouseling..

dancing with Dolly.. (JEALOUS)

and Arie experimenting with drag..
All of which key principles in a happy marriage.  
At least that was one less skeleton Emily would find in his closet. 

Then there's Sean (who I have renamed bo-ring whiney ginge) 
Incase you cannot tell, I am not a regular rider on the Sean and Emily train. 
I think he is goofy, too nice, corny and a little irritating.  
He's too perfect, in a creepy way. 

Emily seems just as confused about him as I am... NEXT! 

Last but not least, there is Jef.  
If you remember correctly, I named him Johnny Tsunami in my last post because of that tidal wave of a hair do.  
I mean, I ripped this guy a new one and didn't even give his bio a chance.  
Surely enough, folks, he has grown on me.  In fact, he is the one that I want to win it all. 

Emily says constantly that she feels like herself with him, and that he brings out the best in her. 
What else could a girl ask for? 
Oh yeah, I guess the fact that his family lives on a multimillion dollar ranch in Utah doesn't hurt. 
Plus, on his home date, he took her riding around the ritzy ranch in a gator and then they shot skeet! 
Jef, where have you been all my life? 

Next week is going to be a tough one for Emily, but not for me!  Send Sean packing so we can get into the dirty stuff! Stay tuned :)

movin right along

My posts are seeming to be more sporadic lately, and there's a reason for that.  Lately, I have actually had a life, ahem, I mean been busy!  Being thrust into another trial of long-distance-relationshiping is never a fun ride, so I have been riding up and down I 26 more than usual.

The good thing, however, is that I have a lot to fill ya'll in on! Let's make this short and sweet with a makeshift slideshow of events:

I got to watch this little princess periodically over the week and a half that I was in Gvegas.  If at all possible, she's even cuter in person.  I am one proud almost-aunt! 

Then we took niece numero uno to the Georgia Aquarium!  Obviously, I was more pumped than she was. 

Later on in the week we took Macon to the vet and then headed on to Clemson to pay Cameron's rent on the apartment that he hasn't lived in in months.  How could he resist with such lovely roommates such as this? 

All joking aside, we had a great July 3rd with Cam's roomies, shooting off cheap fireworks in their apartment complex and playing Lee Greenwood and Born in the USA as loud as it would go on an iHome.  Needless to say, we had the entire High Pointe population entertained. 

The next day we went to Lake Hartwell with some friends, experimented with some hillbilly handfishing, drank beer and ate Cheese-Its, all very American and patriotic things to do.  Then we headed to Greenville for a cookout with Cameron's close family friends.  They had this lovely 'Merican cow in their yard and a photo op could not be passed up. 

The Lash family put on a huge firework show that was absolutely entertaining.  That was the one moment all day that I had a chance to really think of how thankful I am to live in the country that I do.  Thank you so much to the men and women that get up everyday and fight to keep us safe! 

Now to all things cute and cuddly, like Ford here.  This is my new nephew!  Lauren and Bo just couldn't stand it any longer and drove themselves right on to the upstate to pick up this little tike.  He is named after the great Danny Ford.  If you don't know who he is, crawl out from under the rock you've been living in and remember: you're dead to me.  Kidding, kinda :)

I rushed on home Thursday afternoon to meet baby Ford.  Macon still thinks he is some sort of moving and breathing chew toy, but all in due time.  

Finally, to wrap up a great trip back home, I had to go to the eye doctor this morning.  Turns out that I have an abrasion on my eyeball (that means a cut) due to sleeping in my contacts.  Another thing, it hurts to put saline (salty) solution into my eye.  Shocker? 

Soooo, its the totally trendy glasses you see above for me the next couple of days.  Unfortunate for my eyeball, we are going to the lake tomorrow and these specks just wont do.  Sorry Dr. Bang :o

Hoping everyone had a great Fourth!