Saturday, July 7, 2012

gettin down to the nitty gritty

Well folks, The Bachelorette is coming to an end.  Little Miss Emily has narrowed it down to three young gentlemen that will battle to the death for her heart.  Wee bit dramatic, but these episodes are the highlights of my week most of the time so just bare with me.

Here are the top 3 bachelors:

Arie (or who I have recently named hunky vroom-vroom)
I had this one pegged from the get go.  Go me! 
He drives Indy car, he's dutch, he's sweet, and as Emily puts it, he's "stupid hot"

Their dates have included carouseling..

dancing with Dolly.. (JEALOUS)

and Arie experimenting with drag..
All of which key principles in a happy marriage.  
At least that was one less skeleton Emily would find in his closet. 

Then there's Sean (who I have renamed bo-ring whiney ginge) 
Incase you cannot tell, I am not a regular rider on the Sean and Emily train. 
I think he is goofy, too nice, corny and a little irritating.  
He's too perfect, in a creepy way. 

Emily seems just as confused about him as I am... NEXT! 

Last but not least, there is Jef.  
If you remember correctly, I named him Johnny Tsunami in my last post because of that tidal wave of a hair do.  
I mean, I ripped this guy a new one and didn't even give his bio a chance.  
Surely enough, folks, he has grown on me.  In fact, he is the one that I want to win it all. 

Emily says constantly that she feels like herself with him, and that he brings out the best in her. 
What else could a girl ask for? 
Oh yeah, I guess the fact that his family lives on a multimillion dollar ranch in Utah doesn't hurt. 
Plus, on his home date, he took her riding around the ritzy ranch in a gator and then they shot skeet! 
Jef, where have you been all my life? 

Next week is going to be a tough one for Emily, but not for me!  Send Sean packing so we can get into the dirty stuff! Stay tuned :)


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