Wednesday, October 3, 2012

it's that time of year again..

And no, I don't mean holiday season..
It's BACHELOR season! 

The wonderful Sean Lowe (from Emily's season) is back 
and the official new bachelor! 
You may remember him like this... 

but I prefer to remember him like this...

I am still not a HUGE fan of him, but I do think he will be interesting to watch.
So, it is officially that time.. to weigh in on his lucky bachelorettes! 
I will go over some contenders... but first, my not-so-favorites:

Meet Ashley P
(one of 3 Ashley's.. thats gonna get confusing)
Looks nice.. except for the neopolitan ice cream-ness of her hair color..
Then, there was this.. 

Sweetie... I know you may not have been an English major.
But, you are posting these answers to a nationally recognized website..
EVERYONE will be judging you.. and you used <3's. 

Then, you brought up zodiacs. 
Sean is from the South, dear.  He will NOT be interested in some hippy psychic zodiac reading freak. Horoscopes are fun to read in the newspaper, not cute to actually believe.. 
And, again with the < >'s.. not parentheses...sheesh. 


This is Diana..
Very pretty! But, apparently a terrible judge of character.. 

Maybe you should want to be Kanye West..
so you can know what it feels like to realize Taylor Swift SUCKS. 
I hope he dumps you the first night.


Meet Kristy..
Very pretty girl, much like the others Sean has to pick from..
and I was all about Team Kristy until I saw this little tidbit:

Interesting, you are anxious to have a tropical date in paradise? 
This girl is in it for the FREE vacas! And hey, I can't blame her! 

However, I can't help but think that she is not here for the right reasons..
Then I laugh because this is a stupid reality t.v. show and nobody really is.

Now for my contenders! 

This is Jackie
and this is what Jackie had to say... 

She seems so sweet! Plus, I feel like I can hear her talking as she rights the answers. 
She seems genuine, and she loves her momma, just like Sean! 
You go, Jackie! 

Then there is Selma 
Doesn't take rocket science to realize why this girl has my vote..
She has some good taste in music!! 
Go girl, rootin for you! 

The show will be premiering in January 2013
you can check out the rest of the girls and what they had to say here


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