Monday, September 23, 2013

wedding DIY put to the test!

I hope that most of you have heard of Pintrosity.

The blog that basically sums up my life: failure to complete Pinterest projects correctly or at all.

Considering it is such a beautiful day in the Lowcountry, I plan to spend the rest of it outside and divulging into all the Pinterest projects I have planned for the wedding. 

Since it is OFFICIALLY 2 months away.  Gasp! 

Photo: Officially 2 months til our big day! Holy crap! @camoferg

Anywho, I have the following projects to get started on today:

1. Paint our wedding cornhole board set

Corn hole #shopkick #summerparty

2. Spray paint vases/tin cans of various size and nature with various shades and colors

spray paint cans in gold and copper colors

3. Create and paint bunting banners

just married bunting 

bunting, bunting, bunting, i LOVE

4. Design our Instagram hashtag sign for the gift table


The results (good or bad) will be updated!

Happy crafting! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

the great suit debacle of 2013

Get married, they said.  It will be fun and carefree, they said.

Don't get me wrong, so stoked to be Cameron's wife.  I can't even explain the excitement I have when I think about spending the rest of my life with that crazy fool.  The marriage, I can't wait.  The wedding, might put be in the ground.

One of the many obstacles we have faced during the wedding planning process is suit decisions. 

This has been my vision:

groomsmen in tan suits | Josh McCullock #wedding

wedding, bride, groom, beach, waterfront, harbor, coast, wind, veil, sunset, tropical, south, beach, marry, romantic.  Thailand, Phuket, Samed, Phi-Phi, Satun, Pangna, Pattaya  Find us on Facebook :)   Tan suits for the groomsmen {Photo by Dear Wesleyann via Project Wedding}

However, who knew you can't rent suits

Even with deals and clearance and specials and me possibly hitting on the sales clerk at Jos. A Bank, the suits would be $200 bucks + alterations.  When my ladies are getting away with finding whatever burnt orange dress they find attractive, even if its $10.

Then the old man at Jos. A Bank that I was planning on hitting on made a suggestion of just getting the guys to buy a pair of pants to get altered, still putting them at about $65 + alterations + shirt. 

So then my vision became this:

Just a tie.. or

A pattern for something different? .. or

Gray pants and suspenders for the groomsmen {Photo by Shaun & Skyla Walton via Project Wedding}
(did this guy meet all of his friends at a Calvin Klein commercial shoot?)



As if that wasn't enough to think about all ready, my mother-in-law called me not soon after this whole meltdown and told me that Men's Warehouse has one tan suit that they will rent for $120. 

The great thing about all this, that I forgot to mention, is that Cam already has a tan suit that he will have altered to wear for the wedding:

Now I sit at a crossroads between going a little different with some of the above options, or getting them all to rent a suit for $80 less than having their own suit forever, or letting them all show up naked.

Cam and I are going to Men's Warehouse tonight to check out this rental suit in question.

To be continued...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pin It Friday

I'd like to say that I am going to start this new series on my blog where every Friday, I show you what I've pinned today.  However, lets be serious, I will not remember to do that.

So here is the 1st (and possibly last) Annual Pin It Friday!

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth - Homemade Couple Costume. Oh my gosh I wanna do this just so I can be Beth and shove beach balls down my shirt!

Possibility for me and Cam's couple Halloween costume this year? 


FALL IS COMING! And I want all of this.

picture with dad before walking down the this!

I want this shot just before I walk down the aisle!

Freckles, Auburn Hair & great skin!

Planning to get full-on gingerfied here soon.  Hey, I've already got the freckles!

Think about it!
Marriage advice from the best.

It's All in the {Graphic} Tee

I've been buying a LOT of graphic tees lately.  Still not sure why?

Self explanatory.

Dog's room under the stairs.

Pooter will have this.

DIY Dresser

This has Cameron and I written all over it.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

don't drop that thun thun

If you are confused by the title, take a moment and watch this:
(You will NOT be disappointed) 

Feel better? 

Anywho.. working in radio, especially at the buttcrack of dawn, has it's ups and downs. One of the ups in the biz is a certain level of amenities I have started to become accustomed to: tickets and backstage passes.

This is something that I will definitely miss should I ever decide to take a different career path.

I have always been excited and so grateful to be able to meet all the cool people I have met, but never quite as freakin excited and freakin grateful as I am at this moment.  If all goes as planned, this little lady will be in physical contact with Luke Bryan on October 4th in Columbia.  A mere couple weeks and this girl can probably die because this may be the peak of my life.

(Kidding, kinda.) 

Naturally, I have to stand out next to all these other ladies that will have their ASSets in his face.

So, this is on it's way to my house:

Shake it for me Luke Bryan

Monday, September 9, 2013

bachelorette madness

One of the things about wedding planning that I was not looking forward to "checking" off my list was my bachelorette weekend, just because that meant it was over. 
Cameron and I are totally that couple that spends every waking hour together.
I know, it's sickening.
But, he really is my best friend.  And all of my girlfriends have significant others that they consider their best friends.  So, girl time is very limited these days.  Especially since most of them live at least an hour away from me, and one of them wayyyyyy too far away in Ohio.
So this past weekend was really important to me.  Some uninterrupted girl time with literally the best girls in the entire world.  I promise, my friends are better than yours.  Sorry, not sorry.
Ready for a recap?  Strap on your party pants!
(excuse our French, but it's funny)
We rented a house on IOP for the weekend and spent Friday night in with our PJ's, some wine, and some bachelorette games. They emailed Cam with some questions I had to answer, kind of like a Newlywed game, and I did pretty dang good!  I got most of the answers right.. even the ones with 2 or 3 parts with Cam's commentary.  We may know each other a little too well.
Saturday we spent the whole day at the beach!
We sunbathed, read magazines, gossiped, ate lunch at the windjammer, and got hit on by some random bachelor party containing hairy chests and one busted eyelid.  You know, the usual.
Saturday night, we got all dolled up and headed to dinner at Southend Brewery with our obnoxious bachelorette get ups.  The rest of the night was even more obnoxious, but what can you do?
All in all, I had an amazing weekend.  It was so nice to just have all of my girls in one place. We laughed, cried, ate, drank, and got a little crazy. 
Now, to the altar!