Thursday, September 12, 2013

don't drop that thun thun

If you are confused by the title, take a moment and watch this:
(You will NOT be disappointed) 

Feel better? 

Anywho.. working in radio, especially at the buttcrack of dawn, has it's ups and downs. One of the ups in the biz is a certain level of amenities I have started to become accustomed to: tickets and backstage passes.

This is something that I will definitely miss should I ever decide to take a different career path.

I have always been excited and so grateful to be able to meet all the cool people I have met, but never quite as freakin excited and freakin grateful as I am at this moment.  If all goes as planned, this little lady will be in physical contact with Luke Bryan on October 4th in Columbia.  A mere couple weeks and this girl can probably die because this may be the peak of my life.

(Kidding, kinda.) 

Naturally, I have to stand out next to all these other ladies that will have their ASSets in his face.

So, this is on it's way to my house:

Shake it for me Luke Bryan


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