Friday, September 13, 2013

Pin It Friday

I'd like to say that I am going to start this new series on my blog where every Friday, I show you what I've pinned today.  However, lets be serious, I will not remember to do that.

So here is the 1st (and possibly last) Annual Pin It Friday!

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth - Homemade Couple Costume. Oh my gosh I wanna do this just so I can be Beth and shove beach balls down my shirt!

Possibility for me and Cam's couple Halloween costume this year? 


FALL IS COMING! And I want all of this.

picture with dad before walking down the this!

I want this shot just before I walk down the aisle!

Freckles, Auburn Hair & great skin!

Planning to get full-on gingerfied here soon.  Hey, I've already got the freckles!

Think about it!
Marriage advice from the best.

It's All in the {Graphic} Tee

I've been buying a LOT of graphic tees lately.  Still not sure why?

Self explanatory.

Dog's room under the stairs.

Pooter will have this.

DIY Dresser

This has Cameron and I written all over it.

Happy Friday!


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