Monday, September 16, 2013

the great suit debacle of 2013

Get married, they said.  It will be fun and carefree, they said.

Don't get me wrong, so stoked to be Cameron's wife.  I can't even explain the excitement I have when I think about spending the rest of my life with that crazy fool.  The marriage, I can't wait.  The wedding, might put be in the ground.

One of the many obstacles we have faced during the wedding planning process is suit decisions. 

This has been my vision:

groomsmen in tan suits | Josh McCullock #wedding

wedding, bride, groom, beach, waterfront, harbor, coast, wind, veil, sunset, tropical, south, beach, marry, romantic.  Thailand, Phuket, Samed, Phi-Phi, Satun, Pangna, Pattaya  Find us on Facebook :)   Tan suits for the groomsmen {Photo by Dear Wesleyann via Project Wedding}

However, who knew you can't rent suits

Even with deals and clearance and specials and me possibly hitting on the sales clerk at Jos. A Bank, the suits would be $200 bucks + alterations.  When my ladies are getting away with finding whatever burnt orange dress they find attractive, even if its $10.

Then the old man at Jos. A Bank that I was planning on hitting on made a suggestion of just getting the guys to buy a pair of pants to get altered, still putting them at about $65 + alterations + shirt. 

So then my vision became this:

Just a tie.. or

A pattern for something different? .. or

Gray pants and suspenders for the groomsmen {Photo by Shaun & Skyla Walton via Project Wedding}
(did this guy meet all of his friends at a Calvin Klein commercial shoot?)



As if that wasn't enough to think about all ready, my mother-in-law called me not soon after this whole meltdown and told me that Men's Warehouse has one tan suit that they will rent for $120. 

The great thing about all this, that I forgot to mention, is that Cam already has a tan suit that he will have altered to wear for the wedding:

Now I sit at a crossroads between going a little different with some of the above options, or getting them all to rent a suit for $80 less than having their own suit forever, or letting them all show up naked.

Cam and I are going to Men's Warehouse tonight to check out this rental suit in question.

To be continued...


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