Monday, September 23, 2013

wedding DIY put to the test!

I hope that most of you have heard of Pintrosity.

The blog that basically sums up my life: failure to complete Pinterest projects correctly or at all.

Considering it is such a beautiful day in the Lowcountry, I plan to spend the rest of it outside and divulging into all the Pinterest projects I have planned for the wedding. 

Since it is OFFICIALLY 2 months away.  Gasp! 

Photo: Officially 2 months til our big day! Holy crap! @camoferg

Anywho, I have the following projects to get started on today:

1. Paint our wedding cornhole board set

Corn hole #shopkick #summerparty

2. Spray paint vases/tin cans of various size and nature with various shades and colors

spray paint cans in gold and copper colors

3. Create and paint bunting banners

just married bunting 

bunting, bunting, bunting, i LOVE

4. Design our Instagram hashtag sign for the gift table


The results (good or bad) will be updated!

Happy crafting! 


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