Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NO ONE is that clean.

{sidebar} wedding pictures to come! 

Let me explain.
Cameron and I have gotten married and moved into our new house since we last spoke.  This has been the most stressful and tedious moving process of my life, and I moved 5 times in college.  The fact that it was 1 week after we got back from our honeymoon and 2 weeks before Christmas didn't help much either.

And the one thing that I have learned from this experience thus far is not that living with a boy is interesting, or that we will have growing pains, or that we have more crap than could EVER fit in one household [blessed!], but that NO ONE is as clean as they seem on their Pinterest and/or blog.

All of this: 
 lillesand bed from ikea with white bedding  Soft Blue Wall Decorating and White Bedding Furniture Sets in Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas
has to stop.

I have a dog, people.  A dog that likes to dig GIANT holes in our new backyard.  A dog that, no matter how hard mommy scrubs, STILL has dirt all over his paws. 

White bedding, ain't happenin.  And its everywhere.
All over my Pinterest, all I see is white bedding.  Get real, NO ONE is that clean.

So for those of us that aren't afraid of a little color in our lives:

Fabulous tangerine colored bed linens by Trina Turk at Horchow, they work so well in an all white bedroom.

Ed Casamidy elaborate punched tin headboard paired with brightly colored bedding  (by Belledame73)

love the bright, nailhead headboard with colorful bedding - perfect for a young girl

Bright-colored bedding, patterned throw pillows and well-placed accents are all it took to turn this bedroom from drab to fab!

bright quilt and accent pillows

Love this colorful bed from Anthropologie

poppy & grey

bedroom  #KBHome


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