Friday, January 24, 2014

NYC Newbie

Cameron and I just booked our flights for our anniversary trip this year.

This December, we are heading to NYC! 

I am SO excited!  I can't believe I have never been.  So I am already Googling like a maniac to find all the places we HAVE to hit before our 5 day is up.

My Little NYC Bucket List:

1. Have coffee & breakfast in Central Park
I want to sit right here, and soak it all in, with some NYC coffee [in one of those little blue chinese paper cups I always see in movies] and a pastry of some kind.

2. Times Square
DUH! Right? 
But I am sick of seeing it all over the place and having no idea what it feels like.  Maybe run into the Naked Cowboy?  I wouldn't hate it.

3. Be part of the audience at a TV show taping 
Pretty confident I would wear the same smile as Amy Poehler the whole time.

4.  See a Broadway show
RENT would be awesome, but not Cam's cup of tea.

I will feel like Carrie Bradshaw for at least a second, DANGIT! Every girl deserves that! 

6.  Visit museums (and be all cultured-like)
I pride myself in being artsy-fartsy.  I would love to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

7. Run around in FAO Shwarz 
Giant stuffed animals?  A piano I can play with my body?  A giant room devoted to BARBIE? 
Is it sad I might be most excited about this part? 

8. Go to the top of the Empire State Building 
There are so many amazing things about this:  see the entire skyline, visit a piece of history, relive Sleepless in Seattle. Only problem, I am SUPER claustrophobic and borderline afraid of heights.  Oh well, when in NYC! 

9. Visit the Bronx Zoo
It's a must.  Cameron and I never go to a new place and not see their animals.

10.  See the 9/11 Memorial 
It's the first real American piece of history that I actually experienced enough to remember.  Like everyone else, I still remember exactly where I was when it happened.  This HAS to happen.

Hopefully, we can make it to all of the things on our list.  Hopefully, we don't come back broke.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here's Your Sign

As some of you may know, I make a living as a co-host on a morning country radio show. This comes with both perks and pitfalls.  These "Here's Your Sign" moments could probably fall in both categories at times.

You remember this, right? 

If not, do better.

Let me preface this with the fact that I LOVE my listeners.  I really do.  Their rosy necks and all.

But sometimes, they are just plain dumb. 

For example:
A couple weeks ago, we were talking about your favorite local place to eat in Charleston.  LOCAL being the key word; even explained not to call in and name chain restaurants.

Jim Bob called in and said "Oh, I love Bojangles." 
... "Nope, we don't want to hear a chain restaurant! What local restaurant do you love to eat at?"
...."Oh, then probably Ryan's." 

Then there was today.
My phoner of the day was
 "What is the best excuse to call out of work?"

Billy Mae got on Facebook and said 
"Idk.. I am not one to call out of work.  Dang my father for my strong work ethic!"
To which I replied, "Wow, that's great!  What do you do?"
"I'm a stay at home mom."


Thursday, January 9, 2014

"The Perfect Wife"

There's a reason why that title is in quotations, because it doesn't exist.

The entire time Cam and I were engaged, all I heard was marriage is hard.  Things will change when you live together.  The loving feelings will go away.  Be prepared to fight constantly.  Blah, blah, blah.

Some of that is true, marriage is hard.  And I have read and heard a lot about how the first year of marriage is particularly hard.  And I told myself the entire time we were dating and engaged that I was ready to take all of those challenges head on.  The only thing I wasn't prepared for, is me being my worst enemy.

My wedding day was total bliss, much to my surprise.  After some fleeting anxiety that morning, I had one of the most relaxed and joyous days of my life.  The minute we got in that car, rice-covered and beaming ear to ear, it all set in.  I'm married.

Immediately, I felt a TON of pressure.  And it only got worse when we moved in together.  The funny thing was, NONE of this pressure was coming from Cameron.  He never looked at me and said, "ok, now that we are married, you need to wash my clothes, cook my dinner, clean my dishes, pick up after me, and be there to grant my every wish."  I had put this whole burden on myself.

I subconsciously told myself that I had to be the "perfect wife."  Somewhere in my crazy little mind, I thought if I didn't become the spitting image of June Cleaver, then Cameron would change his mind and divorce me.  It became my top priority to have my house look like Southern Living magazine, and cook dinners that Rachel Ray raved about (every night I might add), and never allow Cam to wear the same pair of pants twice.  And, in part, I blame Pinterest and some of my fellow bloggers.  It is fabulous that some women have the time, talent and will to be Susie-homemaker.  But I am not sure that's who I am.  And that's fabulous, too.

Moral of the story, your husband fell in love with exactly who you are.

I am a Southern, born and raised, conservative, Christian woman that HATES to clean and cook.

Go figure?