Friday, January 24, 2014

NYC Newbie

Cameron and I just booked our flights for our anniversary trip this year.

This December, we are heading to NYC! 

I am SO excited!  I can't believe I have never been.  So I am already Googling like a maniac to find all the places we HAVE to hit before our 5 day is up.

My Little NYC Bucket List:

1. Have coffee & breakfast in Central Park
I want to sit right here, and soak it all in, with some NYC coffee [in one of those little blue chinese paper cups I always see in movies] and a pastry of some kind.

2. Times Square
DUH! Right? 
But I am sick of seeing it all over the place and having no idea what it feels like.  Maybe run into the Naked Cowboy?  I wouldn't hate it.

3. Be part of the audience at a TV show taping 
Pretty confident I would wear the same smile as Amy Poehler the whole time.

4.  See a Broadway show
RENT would be awesome, but not Cam's cup of tea.

I will feel like Carrie Bradshaw for at least a second, DANGIT! Every girl deserves that! 

6.  Visit museums (and be all cultured-like)
I pride myself in being artsy-fartsy.  I would love to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

7. Run around in FAO Shwarz 
Giant stuffed animals?  A piano I can play with my body?  A giant room devoted to BARBIE? 
Is it sad I might be most excited about this part? 

8. Go to the top of the Empire State Building 
There are so many amazing things about this:  see the entire skyline, visit a piece of history, relive Sleepless in Seattle. Only problem, I am SUPER claustrophobic and borderline afraid of heights.  Oh well, when in NYC! 

9. Visit the Bronx Zoo
It's a must.  Cameron and I never go to a new place and not see their animals.

10.  See the 9/11 Memorial 
It's the first real American piece of history that I actually experienced enough to remember.  Like everyone else, I still remember exactly where I was when it happened.  This HAS to happen.

Hopefully, we can make it to all of the things on our list.  Hopefully, we don't come back broke.


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